Coffee Package Carbon Dioxide And Oxygen Scavenger Sachets

Coffee Package Carbon Dioxide And Oxygen Scavenger Sachets

Carbon dioxide and oxygen scavenger sachets can be packed with coffee directly and absorb both oxygen and carbon diodide from the sealed package. And you needless worry about the coffee's original smell absorbed by the sachet. The little sachet developed for keeping the coffee in well condition with is original fragrance and taste.

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Coffee package carbon dioxide and oxygen scavenger sachets

Coffee is one of the most popular drink in the world. You can find it anywhere or maybe it is an indispensable part of your daily life. But, how much you know about your friend?

CUBITA became the designated coffee of the Cuban embassy, known as "unique Caribbean coffee" and "special coffee bean".

Cote d 'ivoire and Ethiopia in Africa have long history and tradition of producing coffee.
Arabica original coffee beans are produced in small quantities on the island of Java. Robusta coffee beans, the world's leading species.

Yemen is famous for its mocha coffee.

Coffee beans from central and South America medium to large size, appearance, aroma are generally good. Big producing countries are Mexico, Jamaica, Brazil, Colombia, Hawaii. One of the most notable is Blue Mountain in Jamaica, where coffee beans are plump and slightly larger than normal beans. Blue mountain coffee’s acid, aroma, sweet taste are uniform and strong, slightly bitter, taste harmony, excellent flavor, suitable for single-product coffee.

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Do you know the special package for coffee?

Illy which is one famous Italian coffee brand.  The boss Andrea Illy has publish one book ESPRESSO COFEE: THE SCIENCE OF QUALITY. In this book, there is an article detailing "stale" the impact of different packaging methods on coffee bean’s quality. Each kilogram of coffee bean, in an unsaturated environment, will emit about 6 to 10 liters of carbon dioxide, equivalent to 1 to 1.2 percent of the total weight of the bean. About 30% carbon dioxide would be emitted in the first three days after baked, and also aromatics be volatilized. And the author further mentioned that the stale beans not only lost the good taste, but also made the bad taste at the same time. The compounds in the bean are affected by oxidation, and the taste becomes negative. So, the coffee from supermarket shelves are generally has slightly oil grease.

The three natural enemies -- heat, light, air, and water -- will dissipate the coffee aroma in few days and harm the strange taste on the lovely coffee beans.

There are three packaging methods can be find from the market.

1. Normal package.

   The most common package for coffee beans or powder is sealed in glass cans, paper bags or plastic containers. It is useless in preservation and needs to be consumed as soon as possible due to the coffee oxidizing with air every minute.

2. Vacuum package.

After coffee packaged in packing containers, draw air out of the sealed containers. It's called vacuum package, but it actually only removes up to 90 percent of the air and it is not good for preserving coffee powder.

3. Packing with gas filling.

After filling the coffee, the inactive nitrogen is poured in through a valve which designed on the metal bag, and the carbon dioxide in the bag is squeezed out from the pinhole. This method is relatively popular, but part of the air will be drilled back from the pinhole inside the package. And also the material is expensive, the cost is higher.


All the package from the market you can find from the market now, all can not preserve coffee very well. And all the sealed package once opened the coffee need be consumed in short time. Now, all the problems can be solved by our little sachets.

Our little sachets with functions in absorbing oxygen and carbon dioxide. It can be packaged directly with coffee in normal sealed package then it would scavenge the CO2 and O2 for coffee in the same time. If your normal sealed package with lock zipper, we suggest you choose the large model absorbent then even if the sealed packaged opened and coffee not be consumed in one time, just close the lock zipper and the adsorbent still have capacity in absorbing the inner oxygen to prevent the coffee from oxidation in a period time. Besides, you needless worry about the coffee's original scent absorbed by the sachet. The little sachet developed for keeping the coffee in well condition with is original fragrance and taste.Also, the cheaper sachet can save more cost for coffee manufactures.

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