Non Iron Powder Oxygen Absorber Organic Oxygen Scavenger Hongda New Product
- Jan 29, 2019 -

Non iron powder oxygen absorber organic oxygen scavenger Hongda new product

    Hongda would never stop our step to growing, we will develop and push out more and more new products to meet different demands on foods preservation.

    In the beginning of 2019, the non iron powder oxygen absorber which using organic compounds to scavenge oxygen from the sealed package for food. At the same time, the adsorbent sachet would release some carbon dioxide for keeping the package not be changed out of shape.  So that, the new adsorbent can pass through the metal detectors, once be put into food package, the food does not affect the detection effect.

    Different foods would have different demands on preservation. And all the demands from our clients would push us progress. Welcome to contact us,we would try our best to satisfied you according to your demands!