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- Aug 13, 2018 -

40th International Famous Furniture Fair (Dongguan) 2018.08.11-14

Dongguan is the furniture manufacturing center in China. Furniture producers in Dongguan and surrounding cities produce more than 60% of the overall furnishing products exported. International buyers can easily find high-quality and cost-efficient products at the show.


Damp proofing is very important for furniture transport and storage, furniture is easy effected from mold and insect if contact with moisture. Desiccant bags are environmentally friendly with high moisture adsorption dry agent which can efficiently reduce the relative humidity and ensure the cargo safe storage and transportation.


Xiangtan Hongda Dampproof Preservation Technology Development Co., Ltd. Is the professional manufacture in China and specialized in all kinds of adsorbents like desiccant, oxygen absorber, air purify adsorbent etc.  


If your furniture need any desiccant or air purify adsorbent please contact us asap. We would provide you the most suitable products and make your cost effective.

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