Desiccant Use Classification
- May 28, 2018 -

Medicines and health products, biological reagents, desiccants for the food industry. Dedicated desiccant characteristics: high hygiene requirements, packaging materials through the United States FDA demonstration, the product is small and efficient, exquisite environmental protection, has a good compatibility and chemical stability.

According to the application environment, there are generally three situations:

(1) Use in a small environment: The desiccant is placed directly in bottles, cans or other closed pouches to keep the items in the small environment dry.

(2) Use in a medium environment: The desiccant is used directly in the packaged carton (or drum or bag) to avoid moisture in the package.

(3) Use in a large environment: The desiccant is used directly in similar warehouses and containers to achieve the purpose of controlling the humidity in a large environment. .