Desiccant Physical Adsorption
- May 28, 2018 -

The desiccant is suitable for preventing the dampness of instruments, meters, electrical equipments, medicines, foods, textiles, and other packaging materials. The desiccant also has a wide range of applications in the seaborne process, because the goods are often degraded due to the temperature during the transportation, and they are dried. The agent can effectively dehumidify moisture and protect the quality of the goods.

1, desiccant for bottled drugs, food moisture. Ensure that the contents of the items are dry and prevent the growth of miscellaneous molds.

2, desiccant can be used as a general package desiccant for moisture.

3, desiccant can be easily placed in various types of items (such as instruments and meters, electronic products, leather, shoes, clothing, food, medicines and household appliances, etc.) in order to prevent items from moisture mildew or rust.