- May 28, 2018 -

Deoxidizer, also known as oxygen absorber and oxygen absorber, is an additive that can absorb oxygen and slow down the oxidation of food. It is a new product that is currently being used in food preservation. It is a group of chemical compounds that easily react with free oxygen or dissolved oxygen. It is packed in a sealed paper bag with a certain degree of air permeability and strength. Like a desiccant bag, it can be sealed in a food bag together with the food and can be removed. The oxygen remaining in the air in the bag prevents the food from being oxidized, discolored, deteriorated, and becomes rancid, and also has an inhibitory effect on the growth of mold, aerobic bacteria, and grain pests. Currently, oxygen absorbers are used not only to maintain the quality of foods, but also for the preservation of grains, feeds, medicines, clothing, fur, precision instruments and other items, and rust prevention.

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