Calcium Chloride Desiccant
- May 28, 2018 -

Calcium chloride desiccant is a kind of high-efficiency adsorption material. The main components are calcium chloride and gelatin starch. Chemically reacting water molecules with calcium chloride chemically absorbs moisture from the surrounding environment and transforms it into a gel, which achieves an adsorption effect, thus completely eliminating any possibility of leakage. Common silica gel desiccants can only absorb 10%-27% of their own weight, while calcium chloride desiccants can reach 300%. The moisture absorption rate is 8-15 times that of ordinary desiccants.

After completely absorbing moisture, it does not evaporate. After the ordinary desiccant absorbs moisture, when it encounters a high temperature, water vapor will evaporate and re-enter the air, because the calcium chloride desiccant can melt water vapor and calcium chloride into a gel, and is not easy to evaporate.

Can be used at an ambient temperature of -5°C to 90°C. Calcium chloride desiccant is an active ingredient with good stability. It is difficult to react with other substances except water and can be used in almost all marine environments.