Fiber drying agent
- May 28, 2018 -

Fiber desiccants are made of pure natural plant fibers that are delicately crafted. Among them, the coated fiber desiccant sheet is convenient and practical, and does not take up space. Its moisture absorption capacity reaches 100% of its own weight, which is unmatched by ordinary desiccants. In addition, the product is safe and hygienic, and its price is moderate. It is an ideal choice for many biological and health foods and medicines.


①The natural plant fiber is a moisture-absorbing carrier, which can be 100% natural degradation and belongs to the environment-friendly desiccant;

②fast moisture absorption rate, high moisture absorption rate;

③saturated moisture absorption rate of up to 100% of its own weight (25 °C, RH = 100%), is three times the normal desiccant;

④The outer image is a thick piece of paper that can be arbitrarily cut or punched into various shapes and can be directly filled in bottle caps or other containers.

1. Environmental protection: Pure natural minerals are the main raw materials, capable of 100% degradation without pollution.

2, security: non-toxic and harmless.

3, high moisture absorption: moisture absorption rate higher than the silica gel desiccant more than 50%.

4. Cost-effective: Under the premise of guaranteeing product performance, it provides customers with a highly competitive market price.

5, personalized services: According to the requirements of the service object to provide different performance products.

6, in addition to odor: natural structure can selectively adsorb formaldehyde and gaseous sulfides and other toxic gases.