Development of oxygen absorbers/scavengers deoxidizers
- Dec 06, 2018 -

History of oxygen absorbers/scavengers

Oxygen and moisture are the most abundant element in the universe, and an important part of the atmosphere necessary for the survival of most terrestrial life. And also they are the surviving conditions for some types of bacteria and fungi, and will lead oils from becoming rancid.

Many chemicals paid much efforts to solve the dampproof and preservation for foods. Here we talk about the history of oxygen absorbers also named oxygen scavengers, deoxidizers.

Earlier in the 20th century, a number of chemicals were incorporated into food products to absorb residual oxygen, including ascorbic acid and glucose oxidase/catalase (Brody et al. 2001). During the 1960s dithionite, calcium hydroxide, activated carbon, and water were incorporated into a system and used in Japan for oxygen scavenging properties which was also patented (Bloch 1965). By the 1970s, the use of plastic packaging varying in oxygen permeability started to be widely used. Concerns regarding the oxidation by residual oxygen and also the oxygen which transmits through the packaging material lead to the development of chemical means of oxygen removal by using packets or sachets within the package, which saw the beginnings of new category of packaging called active packaging, including oxygen absorbers.

In 1977, the Ageless® oxygen absorber was launched by the Mitsubishi Gas Company (Mitsubishi 2009), which consisted of reduced iron salts, activated by moisture placed in sealed gas-barrier food packages where the iron oxidised to a ferric state. These reduced iron-containing sachets were used with active-packaging oxygen scavenging technology to help preserve contained foods in larger packages. With the success of this packaging, the Toppan Printing Company from Japan introduced ascorbic acid–based oxygen scavenger systems. This success led to more commercial production of oxygen scavenger brands in Japan (>10), USA (2) and Taiwan. Oxygen absorbers can lower the internal oxygen concentration to <0.0001 % when the scavenging chemical material and high barrier packaging are employed (Brody et al. 2001).

Further, Australia’s CSIRO developed a sachet-free technology of polymer films that contained a photosensitizing dye and a singlet-oxygen acceptor, which is activated upon illumination. Oxygen is continuously scavenged as a function of lux intensity and available acceptor material (Rooney 1982, 1984). During the 1990s, developments undertaken by Toyo Seikan Kaisha, Ltd (Oxyguard® using ferrous oxygen scavenger) (Abe 1990), W. R. Grace and Company (Daraform® 6490 using ascorbic acid and Cryovac® OS1000 using unsaturated hydrocarbons in plastic films), Multisorb Technologies Inc., (FreshMax® using a large adhesive label) (Idol 1991, 1993a, b) have influenced the market of oxygen scavengers with current oxygen absorbers such as OxySorb™ by Wholesale Group International Pty. Ltd (Australia) (Wholesale Group International 2013).

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