Case of customized food-grade oxygen absorber
- Nov 07, 2018 -

Areca-nut also called betel nut which is native to Malaysia. It is widely cultivated in tropical Asia.

Betel nut is an important Chinese medicinal material with warm and bitter taste. Areca-nut has the functions that can expelling insect, anti - digestive, anti - hypertension, anti - edema, anti - virus and other effects.

The China’s minority people on China's Hainan island, as well as people in Yunnan province, have a habit of chewing areca- nut. They sliced a fresh fruit into four flaps and dots up with shell powder then chews it. They chew areca - nut to relieve the miasma of the jungle.
In southeast Asian countries such as Vietnam, Thailand and Cambodia, women chew areca for beauty. They were dressing up and chewing areca - nut before they went out. By the time they were finished, the lips were ruddy by betel nut and the cheeks looked like peach blossoms.

In China's Hunan province, betel nut eating is very cultured. Fresh fruit is green, it is first boiled in water for about two hours to turn brown and red. After that, clean it with clean water, hot water, sprinkle with a small amount of saccharin water, and keep it for 24 hours before eating. Cut the areca palm into two or four pieces, added lime and caramel to boil into the brine. A good bite of areca can make your face flush and feeling hot, even full of better flavor. As a chutty,  areca has a special status in Hunan. Hunan people welcome the gusts with areca to show the owner's sincerity. The variety of betel nut you can find on the streets, areca nut has become the most popular plant chewing gum.


At present, the annual output value of the Areca-nut industry in Hunan exceeds 10 billion RMB, forming a large-scale industrial chain. As a chewing food, betel nut does not contain preservatives. However, during processing, a variety of spices are added, which can easily react with oxygen to cause the betel nut to be white and prone to dampness and mildew. In addition, betel nut needs certain water to maintain its chewiness and taste. Therefore, our company Hongda as a long-term supplier of the deoxidizer for betel nut products, has developed a special oxygen absorber which can absorb oxygen and absorb certain moisture, and the packaging is two-way dustproof, waterproof and oil proof. And according to the local climate characteristics of Hunan province, in the summer rainy season to strengthen the moisture absorption, in the winter dry season to reduce the strength.


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