Application range of deoxidizer
- May 28, 2018 -

A, Chinese and Western-style cakes: Mid-Autumn moon cakes, European-style cakes, waffles, Swiss roll pies, maids, mung bean cakes, rice cakes, walnut cakes, wife cakes, light crisps, almond crisps and so on.

B. Livestock meat foods: beef jerky, dried pork, chicken wings, sausage, ham, meat, meat, duck and so on.

C, nuts roasted food: pistachio, macadamia nuts, almonds, pine nuts, pecans, walnuts, chestnuts, peanuts, seeds, pumpkin seeds, multi-flavored beans and so on.

D, aquatic dry goods: dried abalone, dried fish, scallops, squid, dried shrimps, grilled fish fillets and so on.

E, other mountain goods: tea, seaweed, Guiyuan, dried litchi, dried mushrooms, dates, dried wild vegetables, dehydrated vegetables, beans, persimmon cake, dried sweet potatoes, rice and so on.

F. Medicines and health products: Chinese herbal medicines, pharmaceuticals, health products, etc.

G. Non-food products: precision instruments, military products, books, cultural relics, tobacco, etc.

H, animal feed: bait, pet feed.