Adsorbent for food packaging
- Jan 30, 2019 -

Adsorbent for food packaging


Hongda is specialized in food grade desiccant and oxygen absorber packaging sachets for twenty years. And always try best to solve packaging problems for food manufactures.


Desiccant sachets also called dry agent, moisture absorber. The desiccant is safe to be packed with food directly and keeping the package in drying condition then reach the purpose to protect the food from damp and mold. It is necessary for flavor seaweeds, pop corns, rice crackers, roasted seeds, dried seafood etc.


Oxygen absorber is one kind of important constituent part of food package. The sachet called oxygen adsorbernt, oxygen scavenger, desoxidant, deoxidizer. Different food have different demands on preservation. So the sachet with different functions. Like scavenge oxygen, scavenge oxygen and moisture, absorb oxygen and release carbon dioxide, organic oxygen scavenger, anti oil and water oxygen absorber etc. As the professional manufacture, Hongda always developed the most suitable adsorbent for our clients. And our adsorbent mainly in prevent the food from oxidation and damp, keeping the food in original fragrance and taste and extending the shelf life. The adsorbent sachets are necessary for most food packages, such as coffee, dried fruit, nuts, cakes, pia, mooncake etc.


There is a very good book for us and food manufactures. FOOD PACKAGING which writer is Takashi Kadoya. This book let us know more about the food packaging and help food factories well understand which kind of package does need.


Good package would make your cost more effective.