Oxygen Adsorbents Packets For Dry Food

Oxygen Adsorbents Packets For Dry Food

Oxygen Adsorbents Packets for Dry Food. Dry food refers to seasoning and food that are dried and dried to remove moisture. Common dry goods, firstly must remove moisture. Wet agaric, freshly picked mushrooms, undried dates, green pepper can not be considered dry goods; Secondly, many natural...

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     Oxygen Adsorbents Packets for Dry Food

     Dry food refers to seasoning and food that are dried and dried to remove moisture. Common dry goods, firstly must remove moisture. Wet agaric, freshly picked mushrooms, undried dates, green pepper can not be considered dry goods; Secondly, many natural dried seasoning belong to dried goods. For example, pepper, pepper, fennel, cinnamon, etc. Thirdly, some traditional herbal medicines can be medicines and dry goods at the same time, such as goji berries. Fourthly, dried seafood, such as dried seaweed, dried fish, dried shrimp and dried shellfish, all belong to dry goods. The common dry goods include dried fruit, dry vegetables, seasoning, grains, drinks, medicated meals, dried fruit, etc.



     When the consumer want to buy dry goods, they should  smell the smell and then distinguish the color first. For example, dry goods containing excessive sulfur dioxide have a sour sulfur smell. The color of dry goods smoked by sulfur is different from regular color, such as the white color of the fumigated silver ear, the color of silver ear should be white and yellow, not as good as the fumigated.The yellow color of the fumigated gold needle is weak yellow, and the distribution of yellow and white is not uniform, the gold needle without fumigation is golden or brown, the color is uniform; Next, the consumer should check whether the dry goods are completely dry or not , and the goods cannot be moldy or corrupt; Specifically, when purchasing dry goods, the following items should be noted:

     (1) appearance. Dry goods have a complete appearance showing whether they have been carefully screened.

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     (2) processing. The more uniform the texture, the better quality and processing technology; No moth-eaten, natural color: do not buy the dry goods that are  dyed or bleached.

     (3) the color. Do not choose the one with too much dark color, because there may be the long-time stock goods.


     For example, how to identify dried seafood whether put formaldehyde or not  when buying dry goods:

     1. glance, if the seafood is  white and bulky, avoid eating it;

     2.smell, the seafood that formaldehyde bubble can leave a few excitant peculiar smell;

     3. touch, when grasp the seafood that bubble  with formaldehyde ,it will be easily broken.

     Generally speaking, dry goods must be stored in the dry warehouse. Although storage of these goods does not require refrigeration, they should remain relatively cool. The temperature of the store house should maintain between 18 and 21 ℃. For most of the dry goods, if they can stay at 10 ℃, the preservation of quality will be better.Ventilation has a great influence on the temperature and humidity of dry cargo storage. Air in dry storage should be exchanged four times per hour as per standard. The lighting inside the warehouse is usually 2 to 3 watts per square meter.

     At the same time, some of the dry goods, such as peanuts, melon seeds, cashew nuts, pine nuts, and red dates, plums and dried fruit, should keep in a low-oxygen or even anaerobic environment. For the dry goods that with high fat and sugar content, the product will be discolored because oxygen oxidize with the ingredients in food .It also promotes the reproduction of bacteria .The fat converted to produce "clams taste" , and can not be eaten any more.                  Therefore, we need to use our deoxidizer. As shown in the following figure:


     Hongda specialized in desiccant and air purification adsorbent production from early 1995’s and Xiangtan Hongda Dampproof Preservation Technology Development Co., Ltd. founded in 2013’s, who has been a senior technology from adsorbents industrial field in China. It’s great honor to press our greetings and best wishes for you here.


     Hongda is a manufacture specialized in deoxygenation, dust and humidity protection, absorbent, desiccant for many years, the adsorbents are more safely than traditional preservatives and additives. Hongda has established an improved system with research, raw materials processed, production, marketing sales and services along with years development, and the quality certification system got ISO 9001 approval . All the products from Hongda has pass though the national tests and third-party tests and gained the certificate of qualification like Toxicological test report, SGS test report, National inspection report etc.


     Hongda can offer a complete range of products and solutions for keeping your valuable products, extending the products’ shelf life and protecting your products free from problems of oxidation, moisture and humidity with our professional technology, rich experience and perfect production system and dedicated service quality. Hongda is not just a supplier but the reputable partner of many brands in China and got highly praise from overseas clients. Clients’ satisfaction is the ultimate goal of Hongda.

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     Our tenet is“quality first, credit standing paramountcy, price in reason, delivery in time”. Hongda would try best to create value for customers with integrity, strength and quality and never stop to improve the quality system.

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