Oxygen Absorber For Beef Jerky Dried Pork Meat

oxygen absorber for beef jerky dried pork meat

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Oxygen absorber for beef jerky dried pork meat


Beef jerky with sweet taste and good for the spleen and stomach.It is rich of creatine, vitamin b6. Vitamin b12. Alanine, carnitine, protein, linoleic acid, zinc, magnesium, potassium, iron, calcium and other nutrients. Dr. Caroline wray who is the university of Sydney, found that beef increases human’s intelligence.


Beef jerky normally without additives, which is prone to spoilage and can not be preserved for long time. If the storage environment has moisture, it will accelerate the growth of mould on beef.


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Pork jerky with beautiful shape, unique flavor, delicate taste, rich nutrition, and convenient to eat. Drooling fresh and delicious honey pork jerky contains high nutritional value, rich in protein; Honey added to dried meat contains more than ten kinds of amino acids needed by human body, a variety of active enzymes, some rich constants, trace elements, rich minerals, and no fat, to aid digestion.

Pork jerky preserved in the normal temperature environment, color changed and moldy appeared around one week; If put it in the refrigerator with sealed package for storage, which can extend the edible life for about 20 days; If it is purchased from the supermarket with vacuum packaging can be preserved for half a year; If a food grade oxygen absorber is placed inside the sealed package, it can be extended shelf-life of pork jerky at least 1 to 2 months and it can be extended for more than 3 months if packed with better sealed material.

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What is an Oxygen Absorber?

Oxygen and moisture are the most abundant element in the universe, and an important part of the atmosphere necessary for the survival of most terrestrial life. And also they are the surviving conditions for some types of bacteria and fungi, and will lead oils from becoming rancid.

An oxygen absorber is a small sachet used to keep products safe from things like mold and extend shelf life by taking the oxygen out of a sealed package and bringing the oxygen level down reliably to.01% or less. These oxygen absorbers can be found in many different types of things from pharmaceuticals to industrial metals, but probably the most common use for them is with food.  Also known as an oxygen scavenger, these sachets are tools that help to keep products fresh without all the unhealthy preservatives.

“But there are a lot of foods I eat that don’t have oxygen absorbers in them that don’t ever seem to spoil.” This is because there are many foods in the market today that use preservatives to extend shelf life as long as possible.  This may sound like a good thing, but these foods cannot be considered organic or natural. By using oxygen absorbers, companies can reduce the amount of preservatives they are using to provide fresh and organic goods to their consumers. 

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Our factory have ISO9001.2018 certificated and all the products have passed through SGS tests. We have professional teams research and development, production and services. We are not the biggest factory in adsorbents in China now, but we are aiming at becoming the best partner of our clients with high standard products. We would like to provide you the most suitable products with best price and make your cost effective. Long life food products would helpful for your sales.

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