Natural Deoxidizer For Dried Fruits

Natural Deoxidizer for Dried Fruits Dried fruit is the product of fresh fruit. It can be sun-dried, air-dried, microwaved or freeze-dried. In the whole process, no sugar, no salt, and no preservatives added to the flavor, it's just like natural food. The processing of dried fruit can keep...

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Natural Deoxidizer for Dried Fruits

Dried fruit is the product of fresh fruit. It can be sun-dried, air-dried, microwaved or freeze-dried. In the whole process, no sugar, no salt, and no preservatives added to the flavor, it's just like natural food. The processing of dried fruit can keep most of the nutrients in fruit, for example sugar, protein, fat, and a variety of minerals, dietary fiber and some heat-resistant antioxidant ingredients and vitamins .Only vitamins C and B1, the febrile nutrients, are reduced. But, the nutritional value of dried fruit is still very high. The most common dried fruits are raisins, dried longan, persimmon, orange cake, dried apricots, dates, figs, dried apple, and so on.



Benefits of dried fruit:

1,Eating all the fiber in the peel

When eating fruit, people always peel, otherwise will feel difficult to swallow. In fact, skin is the highest content of dietary fiber in fruit, after dry, dietary fiber is completely unaffected by the preservation. For example, raisins, can only be eaten with skin, and fiber is not wasted at all.



2,Suitable for people with dyspepsia and fear of cold

There is no risk of damage to the digestive tract by protease or non-polymeric tannins. Fresh fruits tend to contain more active proteases and non-polymerized tannins, which can damage the mucosa of the digestive tract and are a heavy burden for people with indigestion.

However, once fresh fruits become dried, protease is inactivated, tannins are aggregated, and the stimulation of the digestive tract is greatly reduced. For the elderly with dyspepsia and fear of cold, dried fruit can be a supplement source of fruit nutrition.



3,Mineral content is higher than fresh fruit

All mineral components are retained and concentrated. While vitamin C is lost, minerals such as potassium, magnesium and iron are not lost, and are concentrated because of water loss, which is higher than fresh fruit. So, all kinds of dried fruit are good sources of potassium. For example, raisins are rich in potassium and iron, which are better than white or brown sugar.




4,Antioxidants are especially abundant

Dried fruit retains most of its antioxidant content. Anthocyanins are particularly abundant in red, blue, and purple-black fruits, and they concentrate when dried. Especially those red raisins that are thicker and darker in color, black currant dry, the health care effect will be better if eating with skin together.



5,Easy to carry and keep

Easy to carry and keep, it is a good snack. Although the sugar content of dried fruit is similar to that of rice, which is a kind of food with high calories, it can be made into small bags. If you only eat one small bag at a time, it is easy to control the amount.



6,It can be used with various foods

Dried fruit can be used as a substitute for sugar, sweetening many foods and adding it to various foods to enhance the flavor. For example, porridge, cooking, playing soy milk with some raisins, dates, longan, etc., it will taste light and sweet delicious. Breakfast without mix bread with jam and butter , just grab some raisins and walnuts and eat whole-wheat steamed bread. Most importantly, the use of dried fruit, instead of artificial added sugar, is much more nutritious.


Because of these many benefits of dried fruit, more and more people accept dried fruit. At the same time, the quality requirements and storage of dried fruit are more and more strict.

Oxygen can not only discolor fruit but also destroy vitamin C. Therefore, the preservation of dried fruit, also need to avoid oxygen. That's where the deoxidizer should be used to.



What is an Deoxidizer?

Oxygen and moisture are the most abundant element in the universe, and an important part of the atmosphere necessary for the survival of most terrestrial life. And also they are the surviving conditions for some types of bacteria and fungi, and will lead oils from becoming rancid.

An deoxidizer is a small sachet used to keep products safe from things like mold and extend shelf life by taking the oxygen out of a sealed package and bringing the oxygen level down reliably to.01% or less. These oxygen absorbers can be found in many different types of things from pharmaceuticals to industrial metals, but probably the most common use for them is with food.  Also known as an oxygen scavenger, these sachets are tools that help to keep products fresh without all the unhealthy preservatives.



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Hongda is a manufacture specialized in deoxygenation, dust and humidity protection, absorbent, desiccant for many years, the adsorbents are more safely than traditional preservatives and additives. Hongda has established an improved system with research, raw materials processed, production, marketing sales and services along with years development, and the quality certification system got ISO 9001 approval . All the products from Hongda has pass though the national tests and third-party tests and gained the certificate of qualification like Toxicological test report, SGS test report, National inspection report etc.


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