Deoxiditer Sachets For Sausage Ham Jerky And Other Meat Products

Oxygen absorbers have an important role in the removal of dissolved oxygen, preserving the colour, texture and aroma of different food products, and importantly inhibition of food spoilage microbes.

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Deoxiditer sachets for sausage ham jerky and other meat products

Characteristics of sausage

Taiwan sausage is popular, it is sweet and has a special spicy flavor. Traditional Taiwan sausages are made with pork, beef, lamb and chicken can also be made with proper fat then may taste special.


Sausage in German also called Wurst, which they actually read as Vurst. There are more than 1,500 kinds of sausage in Germany. Every region has its own species of sausage to be proud of. The sausage from Guttingen and Regensburg have been famous since the middle ages. There's nothing quite like Thuringia's red sausage, a grilled sausage with a good scent of marjoram.


Korean and Japanese fish sausage are mainly made from fish. It is rich in nutrition and with delicious taste in unique flavor. The fish sausage always be loved by consumers, especially the elderly and children.


Sausages are usually packed in vacuum. If they are kept in cold storage for long time, the bags will be swelled and water leaked, which will endanger the health of consumers. Every year, spoiled sausage causes millions of Chinese yuan losses. Some scholars have carried out the research of Taiwan sausage, and achieved good results in extending the shelf life. The bacillus was proved to be the lactobacillus by the corrupting bacteria of the vacuum-packed sausage. At the same time, considering that the vacuum-packed sausages still have a small amount of oxygen, the oxygen absorbent was applied in the experiment, which laid a foundation for the improvement of packaging, and had a good effect in extending the shelf life, water retention and color retention of sausages. If the antioxidants applied in practice, great economic value could be obtained.

About meat floss

The meat floss is the meat loose weigh and become crisp.It is suitable for preservation and easy to carry.From the early days of the Mongol empire, the dry food that Genghis khan used to fight in Europe and Asia.The floss is usually made from beef, lamb, lean pork, fish and chicken after removing moisture. It is a common snack in Asia like Mongolia, China, Japan, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore. The meat floss usually are ground into a crumb so that it is the ideal snack for children and the elderly.


Various ways of eating meat floss:

Eat directly: the simplest way is to eat directly, this can savor the meat sweet and fresh. Suitable for hunger or nutritional supplement.

Meat floss accompaniment to milk.

Serve for cold dishes: meat floss accompaniment with other foods to make cold dishes. Not only beautiful but also nutritious,it is commonly provided by many hotels.

Serve for bread: It's very easy to make it yourself. Two slices of bread, a little butter in the middle, and some meat floss.

Gruel: porridge with meat floss. This is the most common way of eating in guangdong China. not only convenient but also added protein to the body.

Make rice ball: meat floss packed into rice ball to eat.



As we know, if the meat and meat products contact with oxygen, the anaerobion would generate which is one kind of yeast can lead the products spoiled. One solution to preventing oxygen damage is to use oxygen absorbers. Iron powder is the primary component of oxygen adsorbent sachets, while sodium acts as an activator, causing the iron particles to rust, effectively reducing the oxygen level in the surrounding atmosphere to approximately 0.01% when used properly. These deoxidizer adsorption bags are widely used for food.


Some our clients are used so called vacuum package before, but it actually only removes up to 90 percent of the air. The deoxidizer sachet can effectively reduce the sealed environment less to 0.1% oxygen. So that oxygen absorbers have an important role in the removal of dissolved oxygen, preserving the colour, texture and aroma of different food products, and importantly inhibition of food spoilage microbes.

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