Small Pack Drying Agent Humidity Absorbent

Small Pack Drying Agent Humidity Absorbent

Product Description Package &Delivery Applications l Electronic Components l Electrical Equipments l Automobiles and Automotive Parts l Metals and Fabrications made from metals l Wooden Articles, Furniture, Pallets and Crates l Food and Packed Products l Agric and Commodity Produce like Tea,...

Product Details

Product Description

 Product Name

Small pack Drying Agent Humidity Absorbent


Clay minerals desiccant/ Silica gel desiccant

 Packing Paper

Composite paper, OPP paper, Tyvek paper, Awai paper

Printing Language

English, Chinese,Vietnamese, French, Russian etc. Printings accepted customize.


Absorb moisture 30%-40% (25℃, RH90%)

Used For

Food, Electronic Products, electrical appliances, instruments, hardware equipment

 Life Time

Generally 18 months


ISO 9001, Toxicological test report, SGS test report, National inspection report etc.


 Can be provided freely

Place of origin

Xiangtan city, Hunan province, China.


Package & Delivery




1 gram

30*45 mm


2 gram

35*45 mm


5 gram

45*65 mm


10 gram

60*70 mm


15 gram



20 gram

70*80 mm


50 gram

90*100 mm


100 gram

80*110 mm


200 gram

120*180 mm






  • Electronic Components

  • Electrical Equipments

  • Automobiles and Automotive Parts

  • Metals and Fabrications made from metals

  • Wooden Articles, Furniture, Pallets and Crates

  • Food and Packed Products

  • Agric and Commodity Produce like Tea, Coffee, Rice, Pulses which are very sensitive to moisture

  • Bulk Chemicals, Minerals etc.

  • Pharmaceuticals

  • Inside Shipping Containers


 desiccant applications


About Hongda

Xiangtan Hongda Dampproof Preservation Technology Development Co., Ltd. founded in 2013, who has been a senior technology from adsorbents industrial field in China.

Hongda can offer a complete range of products and solutions for keeping your valuable products, extending the products’ shelf life and protecting your products free from problems of oxidation, moisture and humidity with our professional technology, rich experience and perfect production system and dedicated service quality. Hongda is not just a supplier but the reputable partner of many brands in China and got highly praise from overseas clients. Clients’ satisfaction is the ultimate goal of Hongda.


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