Roll Type Desiccant Bags For Nori Paking

Roll Type Desiccant Bags For Nori Paking

Nori is the trade name for Sea moss. Its' English name is Seaweed, Japanese name is Nori. Nori,known as "the treasure house of vitamins", is processed with laver, because it grows on the seaside rocks, fully absorbed the essence of the sea water.And those things of it ,like the...

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Nori is the trade name for Sea moss. Its'English name is Seaweed, Japanese name is Nori.



Nori,known as "the treasure house of vitamins", is processed with laver, because it grows on the seaside rocks, fully absorbed the essence of the sea water.And those things of it ,like the protein, mineral and vitamin content are extremely rich . Among them, the content of carotene, riboflavin, vitamin A, B group vitamins is particularly high. Sea moss also contains iron, calcium and other minerals.



Seaweed fat content is low, only 1% - 2% of all nutrients, but it is conducive to the development of the nervous system the content of unsaturated fatty acids EPA accounted for 52% of these, coupled with a large number of essential minerals and vitamins, long-term edible seaweed can improve microcirculation, enhance immunity, anti-aging, reduce the incidence of cancer and cardiovascular disease.




Seaweed products can be falled into three broad categories.


Dried seaweed, ABCD and other specifications and grades. It can be used for : 1, Raw materials for baking and seasoning nori. 2,Make sushi rice directly, which is absolutely delicious . 3,Make soup (add favorite seasoning added) with shelf life of one year, plateau, field war, military needs, emergency vegetables, quick nutrition for vegetarian population, family soup, summer salad vegetables. 4, Deep-fried seaweed with unique taste.

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Seasoning nori, also known as delicious nori, is mainly cut into 12, 10, 8, and fragments. As a result of rich nutrition and reasonable structure, seaweed food has gone beyond the scope of leisure food, and is a good product for children and adults to supplement nutrition, health and longevity. The fragment is used for making soup, noodles, baby porridge and so on.



Roasted seaweed class.1, It's used for wrapping rice or noodle food, forming new products and adding nutrition and taste. 2, Sushi seaweed is commonly used to wrap sushi rice, which is a consumption method originated in Japan, and has a mouthwatering taste. 3,Shredded nori can be used for mixing noodles and other foods. 4,Seaweed powder and granules are used in the food of mixed rice noodle.

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Seaweed is a seafood product, easy to absorb moisture and regain moisture, resulting in soft, discolored, moldy deterioration, nutrient loss, taste will also become bad, lose original sweet, crisp taste, become very tough, fragrance also lost. Therefore, the preservation of nori should be moisture-proof, stored in a cool and dry place. At this point, the drying agent is needed.



A desiccant sachet is a hygroscopic material that serves to maintain a state of dryness. Desiccants serve to eliminate humidity from the air and they adsorb moisture, thereby creating and sustaining a dry, moisture-free environment.

Moisture creates a ripe environment for the formation of bacteria, mold and fungus, and degradation,  desiccants are used to prevent this from occurring.

Desiccant packets are commonly found in consumer products, ranging from food, medicine, shoeboxes, shirt and purses to vitamins and your new cell phone. Those tiny packets that you find in the packaging are desiccants.

Hongda Desiccants


Silica gel desiccant, Mineral clay desiccant, Montmorillonite desiccant, Polymer desiccant etc.

Inner forms

Beads or gravel

Weight of sachet

0.5g~1000g accept customized

Packaging material

Composite paper, Cotton paper, Non-woven paper, Aiwa paper, Tyvek paper, PE film, etc. optional

Moisture adsorption

25%-45% from its own weight (25℃,RH=90%)


absorb moisture , Prevent from mold and  moisture damage, shelf life extension


Food, Pharmaceuticals, Nutraceutical, Shoes, Electronics, Garment, Leather, shipping and storage

Package & printing

OEM & ODM accepted


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